COMPUTER SERVICES (FLAST RATE $50.00 + (HST) ON MOST STANDARD REPAIRS) repairs and services computers of any kind or brand. We are professionally-trained and have 15+ years experience in the computer service and repair industry. Most repairs performed are usually completed within 24-48 hours and ALL virus & spyware issues are dealt with with 1-3 hours of receiving your PC. Call us today and get a free assessment at 613-294-5374. repairs all major brands like Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, Toshiba, Sony, Fujitsu, Alienware, Acer, Asus and many more!

Hours of Business: Monday-Friday (8am-8pm) Saturday & Sunday (10am-6pm)

Services we offer at an amazing flat rate service of ONLY $50.00. Whatever issues you're having with your laptop or desktop we'll fix it, just give us a call today at 613-294-5374.

Virus & Spyware Removal: Same day 3 hours or less or it's FREE of charge!

We will remove your virus or spyware infection the same day or it's 100% FREE! You will also receive a FREE Spyware & Virus Software to help for future prevention.

Tune-ups & Tweaks:

We will remove unneeded programs, unnecessary start-up items in your start menu, Remove Viruses & Spyware to enhance the performance of your PC.

Data Backup & Recovery: We will recover the first 20 GB's at $50.00 and please call if you require more data to recover at a fair price. Please keep in mind that when we have to backup 20 GB's of your data it's like transferring 20 GB's out from your HDD and 20 GB's back out to a backup source, it's more like doing 40 GB's in total which is alot of time!

We will attempt to back up all important data due to a severe virus or spyware infection, corrupted windows or a damaged hardware which disables you to log back into windows.

Windows Password Reset:

We will reset your password if you forgot or have been denied access to your administrators account or can no longer login into your username. This is usually done while you wait!

Setup and Installation of New Laptop & Desktop Components:

We will install any computer hardware component such as memory, LCD screen, keyboard tray, video card, hard drive, DVD drive, network adapter, tv tuner card, CPU, power supply or other third party component you may have into your desktop computer. (Some conditions may apply. Please call for more info.)

New Windows Installations:

A completely new installation will include an O/S Install, Windows Updates, IE 8, Windows Live, Windows Media Player 11, Java, Adobe, Macromedia Flash, Shockwave, and third party software provided by customer.

Wireless Router Configuration & Security:

We will setup your modem & wireless router and also secure your wireless network.

Desktop Bios Password Reset:

We will reset your BIOS password which usually comes up right after your computer is turned on.

Desktop Computer Dusting & Cleaning:

We will blow out your desktop pc and all internal parts with a commercial grade air compressor. This will help extend the life of your computer and prevent your CPU, power supply and video card from overheating.

Note: Due to the time and cost of traveling to our onsite customers location covering the Ottawa and surrounding areas please add $25 for each job listed above. All prices listed above only reflects customers dropping off their PC to our location. If you require additional services not listed above please don't hesitate to call us and we will gladly assist you as fast as we can.

Computer Priority Service: Got a deadline to meet? Your business machine is not working? From time to time, certain situations require special attention. We offer priority service to customers who have special needs or use their computers to run their business (Additional charges apply. Please call 613-294-5374 for more info.).

Laptop, Netbook & Notebook A/C Adapter & Battery Part Replacement: Please call for pricing

IMPORTANT NOTE/DISCLAIMER: Please take note that on all repairs and non-repaired consumer electronics all items must be paid for or picked up within 30 days after the billing date or the notice of non-repair is issued to you. We will only try to contact you 3 times and if you make no effort in responding to our request to make arrangements for payment or to pick up your item we will assume you do not want to claim your property. Failing to do so will give the right to take full ownership of your product and will become property of Sometimes we contract out to other repair shops for "specialty" repairs and in this situation we need to be reimbursed for their diagnostic fee which our clients is responsible for the payment. We are not a storage facility and please take the time to let us know by email or by phone to give us an idea of when you plan to pick up your item. We do offer time extensions but this must be made in advance before the 30 days of picking up your goods but this does not mean that you can leave your item for an indefinite time at our location. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us immediately at 613-294-5374.

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